If you are changing the configuration of a server that is already in use on a network, log all users off the system and shut it down in an orderly manner before you start the CCU. Always use caution when handling electrical equipment! The boot container is labelled as 00 in the List of Containers dialog box. The following procedure was done on Centos 5 but with little tweaking should work on almost any Linux distro. Since the partition table is overwritten, if the drive is used in a container, you may not be able to use the container again. You can make a container bootable so that the server can boot from the container instead of from a stand-alone single disk.

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This means that the controller enables the container’s write cache only if a battery is present and its status is OK. According to the MIB the values mean: If an installed disk does not appear in the disk selection list for creating a new container or if it appears grayed out, you may have to initialize it before being able to use it as part of a container.

Any disks with DOS partitions, disks with no usable space, or uninitialized disks appear dimmed and cannot be used for creating a new container. Most SCSI disk devices are preformatted at the factory and do not need to be formatted again. The following sections explain how to install the Linux driver on a boot container during an operating system installation and after an installation, on a data container for all supported Linux operating systems.


During the final phase of the Windows NT installation you will be prompted to reinsert the drivers diskette. For detailed descriptions of each setting, see Using the Controller Configuration Utility.

For example, the command line to load the driver from the c: You can return to the previous menu at any time by pressing Esc. If you want NetWare to reside on a container, first create a boot container, then install the driver and software on that container.

The first thing that is needed is the afa-linux-app-A It does not have the same breadth of functionality as the controller management software because the operating system is not running and not accessible to the Dj.

In some cases, selecting an option displays another menu.

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Microsoft has rald that Windows NT 4. Once the agent is running properly, the next big task is to determine what to monitor. A container is a logical disk created from freespace and made up of partitions on one or more physical disks.

Since the partition table is overwritten, if the drive is used in a container, you may not be able to use the container again. Notes are reminders, tips, or suggestions that might simplify the procedures included in this document.

According to the MIB the values mean:. If you create a boot container with the Container Configuration Utility, Windows will be installed on a boot container.

If you are installing the driver during a fresh installation of Windowssee Installing the Driver During a Fresh Install of Windows Windows NT will be installed on a boot container if you created a boot container with the Container Configuration Utility. Select the bus you want to configure and press Enter. Data on these sets should not be trusted until the xell has been checked and verified.


This means that the controller enables a container’s write cache even if there is no battery or if the battery is bad. These instructions describe installing the Windows driver while you are installing Windows Array Manager obtains data from storage devices and the logical volumes contained on those devices.

Monitoring a Dell PowerEdge Expandable RAID Controller 3/Di

The default chunk size gives the best overall performance in most network server environments. Untar the file and install the RPM: This page was last edited on 2 Augustat Initiate Wide Negotiation 3. Setup is inspecting your computer’s hardware configuration Dell does not claim to have controlled in this document every condition or situation that might require a caution or warning notice.

We recommend that you install your NetWare operating system on a container to take advantage of the redundancy and performance features of the container. This controller is originally manufactured by Adaptec. Select the desired bus and press Enter.