Problem was I could not find a card with a low-profile bracket, so I thought I would just make do with the normal bracket and either remove it, or modify it to fit. A comment from Martin Knaup www. Upgrade VMware vSphere 5. Just for sure I updated the server to 5. I was looking to do something similar, looked for low profile dual port gigabit NICs to fit in the N40L… I will probably end up doing the same thing, those cards at retail, cost a lot of money!

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Home labs – adding and modding a dual port Gigabit NIC to the HP Microserver N40L |

So why not shorten the NIC at both ends? In my case the NIC has a firmware version of 1. This tool uses JavaScript and much of it will not work correctly without it enabled. That would be possible too — no problem technically.

Your email address will vmwage be published. I read what you did, and i just used tin snips and a pliers and had it done in no time.

vSphere 5.5 Upgrade and old NICs not working as expected

Just for sure I updated the server to 5. Hi, Is it possible to use 2nd slot to install NIC? Step 3 — I marked off where the 90 degree protruding point of the bracket would end, and used the hacksaw to remove the excess. But can an old firmware with new driver causes jumbo frames not to vjware or in other words not correctly to work? Hope you find the low profile vkware OK! Actually I can configure them and add them to vSwitches. After that I recognized that network connectivity on my Distributed switch was lost.


Here is a short overview. Hi Andrey, Hope you find a nicely priced card and best of luck! If ships will full height bracket have your great writeup on how to mod it — thanks! Nc360h Intel card’s bracket next to the Microserver’s blanking plate. But to be perfectly honest I have no idea if this will replace other portions of the firmware besides the option ROM. After the download extract the File wherever you want. So far all looks good, your writeup about the nic helped know what to order, even though did not have to use your mod the card seems to be working great — Thanks!

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The problem is finding an affordable solution — most dual port NICs that are any use with ESXi Intel chipset based cost almost as much as the Vkware itself which is quite off-putting! A comment from Martin Knaup www. So placed the order will see how it turns out. I first tried it out without the bracket by just removing two screws that hold the bracket to the PCB.


I just updated my NICs with v Contact your web host and ask them to enable imagepng for PHP. The workaround for me was to use a complete different quad port NIC which is supported with 5.

Leave a Reply Cancel reply. Actually I can configure them and add them to vSwitches but when physical plugging network cable to any of these 2 ports I get one vmwarre the light vmawre red and cannot communicate I know iSCSI network works, this is what I’m trying to use this adapter for because if I use same cable and connect to previously configured vmnic1 which is Broadcom NetXtreme II BCM Base-T another adapter in this host server all works.

cannot communicate over HP NCT |VMware Communities

At the begining I wanted to build a short bracket from a piece of tin vmqare I did not want to modify the original one. There are several other command parameters which can be used on this card.

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