Document information More support for: Use the online help – press H followed by the Enter from any screen to bring up the online help for that screen. When the process is finished a screen like the following will be shown: Type N followed by a space and the serial number and press Enter. Press Enter to initiate the export. Everything else seems to be random. Make sure that field input does not start with a number followed by space and additional text as this will be interpreted as an entry to a specific row in the field.

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Repeated Scan operations may help to rediscover the device. If this is not a blank tape, try unmounting and remounting the Volume.

Ult35880-td1 Enter to initiate the import. Contact and feedback Need support? I removed the mt setblk from the startup script and everything’s fine For drives that are attached to a library, the Changer column will show the serial number of the changer the drive is attached to. This was actually necessary with version 1.

Trouble with IBM ULT3580-TD1

If you are unsure, press Lbm followed by Enter to abort the full write. There are a few pull down menus to navigate to the correct ibmm as follows: Note that you can abort the full write by pressing the A key followed by enter at any time. When upgrading your library code from 2. I found that the problem – as usually – was located in front of the screen. Supported Operating Environments This tape drive works with the following operating systems: Type N followed by a space and the serial number and press Enter.


During the firmware update the following screen will be displayed, indicating the progress: Explanation of drive code naming convention: Arno Arno Lehmann wrote: This forum is powered by Ubm. Press S followed by a blank and the start record number, then press the Enter key to enter the start record number. Example input directory Windows: Call the install program: We’re ib, this error with a lot of tapes. Type U followed by the Enter key to start the tape usage log retrieval.

IBM ULT TD1 LTO-1 SCSI/LVD-SE Ext. – Datland Technologies, Inc.

The ‘btape ult3580-tdd1 tests all run fine. None of the above, continue with my search. See the Setup, Operator and Service Guide for the Ultrium tape product for detailed installation instructions. The full write test can be used to – demonstrate that the drive is capable of writing the full amount of data on a cartridge.

Trouble with IBM ULTTD1

ulh3580-td1 Select the device you want to update by entering its number and press Enter. To test a tape drive, you have to select the line number from the leftmost column in the table that corresponds to the device that you want to test.


Both files start with the serial number of the device. We’re having problems with a tape drive, using Bacula version 1.

Type W and press Enter to start the full write. The full write runs only on tape drives not on autoloaders or libraries.

Wait for the tape drive do calm down.

The diagnostics will overwrite any data that is on the cartridge so be klt3580-td1 to use a cartridge that does not contain data. In the example above, the test passed, so the drive is tested good.

See additional Firmware Installation Instructions below in the Documentation section in the table below.